To improve its productivity, a company must focus not just on WHAT to do, but HOW it is implementing it as a TEAM.
This is especially the case for assignments from the head office which are to be implemented in several or all business units which require the participation of tens if not hundreds of managers and employees.

Assignments which are
  • poorly structured,
  • incomplete, and/or
  • not up to a company standard
and/or which reflect an incorrect understanding of the local situation result in frustrations and inefficiencies across the entire organization at all levels.

For each head-office assignment, a significant amount of time and valuable resources is often wasted.
To eliminate this waste and the frustration, OpenSky has a developed DucamDuces, a proprietary leadership methodology and facilitation software for the effective and efficient implementation of assignments in multi-unit enterprises or simply at the local level. It guides and supports managers to:
  1. easily create, strategically evaluate (“go” vs. “abort”), and structure assignments,
  2. launch them with standardized, meaningful but concise documentation & support material,
  3. professionally lead their teams to a correct and efficient assignment implementation
  4. follow measurable Implementation KPIs, and
  5. archive all assignments and reactivate individual or recurring ones as needed.
As a result, DucamDuces impacts the performance of organizations in three clear ways:
  1. Better Implementation Success Rates,
  2. Greater Implementation Productivity &
  3. Strengthened Implementation Leadership